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Welcome to the Wolf Point Church Of Christ.
About Our Leaders.

At this current time the Wolf Point congregation does not have any individuals in an elder position, however, we are a blessed with many individuals willing to serve.

Jeremiah Eggar is our "minister" and is currently the main individual offering lessons and classes.
About Our Worship.

Worship is a common term used to refer to Sunday morning church gatherings. As Christians, we want to worship God with every aspect of our life. The gathering of the Church is a time where we worship together as a body, Study Gods word, and Remember Christ's Sacrifice. Because of this, you will notice many consistent elements on Sundays. We will Sing, Pray, Study, and Partake in Communion.



Singing is a beautiful and uplifting way to praise our Lord. We sing as a group Congregational style with various men from the congregation leading us in this Praise. Our singing is laid back and varies in styles, Some leaders like to lead "a few" songs while others lead "many" sometimes we sing sobering songs, and at times we sing Joyful songs in cases we will use songbooks were other times we use video slides. In all the different ways we sing we give our devotion to God.

In visiting a Church of Christ congregation you will notice that we sing acapella or without the use of Instruments. This is a tradition within the Church, and It helps us keep the focus on God, and not become distracted by the performance of the service.



Prayer is our Lifeline with God and as Christians, we are instructed in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 to rejoice and pray without ceasing. Because of this, you will notice that Prayer is not only a large part of our assemblies but of our personal lives. Prayer at the WPCofC is a sharing experience, if you have a praise or a struggle, we would love to bring it to God in prayer with you. Our Church is very involved in the community as we all love and live here in Wolf Point, so we frequently pray for community members, and their struggles.



Communion is outlined for new testament churches many times by Jesus in the Bible, one of these instances is Matthew 26. We follow this as close as humanly possible. Because of this, you will notice that every week we will set aside time to remember Jesus, and how he was sacrificed for this. We take Bread to remember his sacrifice of flesh, and fruit of the vine (grape juice) to resemble his blood.

We also use this time to gather a money offering for the work of the church, this is not part of the Lord's Supper, it is just a convenient opportunity.

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