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Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) is based on the campus of Sunset church of Christ located in Lubbock, Texas.  Since it’s inception in the 1960’s Sunset has had a mission of training leadership in the church, a mission that has formed into the programs they offer today at undergraduate and Masters degree Levels.


Our three essential values are summed up in three words: WORD, BODY, LOST. We value the word of God; we value the church of Christ, His body; we value the lost people of the world. –Truitt Adair SIBI President


To better equip myself for full time ministry I plan to attend Sunset Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas beginning in August 2018. I feel very honored to have had multiple church positions offered to me, and through much prayer and consideration I see God’s guidance in the pursuit of going to Sunset. I plan to attend SIBI in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Preaching Ministry; this course will take 2 years with summers being used to complete internships and a missionary campaign. After schooling at Sunset and earning a degree, I prayerfully plan to return to the Northwest part of the country and serve a small to medium sized church in a ministry role. These goals are a long way off, and God may guide me in a different direction, in any case SIBI will prepare me for service of ministry.

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Encouraged By Paul’s words to Timothy in 2 Timothy 4

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